Podcast Stories of Champions. And How to Be One.

Podcast Stories About Champions. 

And What it Takes.


That Championship Season is a podcast about famous, infamous and almost famous champions and their moments in history.  

Championships are the treasure vault of sports stories.  A championship story has heroes, villains, conflict, farce and narrative arc -- classic elements of entertainment.  Championship stories speak to the human quest for excellence and transcend the churn of topical news.  Our champions come from any and all levels of competition, from big and famous -- New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Steelers, LA Lakers, Montreal Canadiens -- to grassroots and local -- the Nebraska high school that won four straight basketball titles.  TCS will occasionally venture beyond sports -- to champions who bake pies, build robots, fiddle, dance, and just plain compete.   So pull up your ears and join us, won't you, for That Championship Season.